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Mert And Marcus “MDNA 2012 Black Coat Session” - Outtake.

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Alternate version.

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‘MDNA’ moments #1:

Falling Free | orchestral section and closing vocals

Deep and pure our hearts align
And then I’m free, I’m free of mine
I let loose the need to know
Then we’re both free, free to go 


‘MDNA’ moments #3:

Some Girls | the bridge

Wrap your arms around my neck
It’s time to deal so cut the deck
If you wanna play this game with me

I’m not like all the rest
Some girls are second best
Put your lovin’ to the test you’ll see

Some girls are not like me
I never wanna be like some girls
Some girls are just for free
I never wanna be like some girls

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Madonna MDNA Outtakes

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My covers for I’m A Sinner from MDNA.

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Gang Bang (MDNA Tour Studio Version) | Madonna

1 year of MDNA

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30 years.

12 albums.

78 singles.

67 music videos.

9 tours.

1 woman.

♔ M A D O N N A 

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