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'Life in Pictures' by YSL muse ©Marina Schiano

Ca. 1989: 1992, Madonna ” It was during a television, ad shooting in Los Angeles.  I was doing the styling and took this picture during a break, of her eating popcorn.  She was on top of an elephant later.”

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All around me
I do not see
Who are the angels
Surely not me 

Once more again
I am broken
Once more again 
I don’t believe it

"The song is about suicide so we show Madonna getting ready to enter the ‘other side.’ It is a performance video so the story is really told by the lyrics and Madonna’s intention as she delivers each line." - Dago Gonzales, director of the video.

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The queen of pop turns 56 years old. Happy Birthday!

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Madonna by Steven Meisel / 1992

one of my fav street photos ever. 

fuck your faves

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Happy 56th Birthday to The Queen of Pop and my idol of 16 years!♀♥

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Happy 56th birthday to the infinitely hilarious and ever-lovely M ♥

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"If you want to be a revolutionary, you have to be prepared to make enemies."

From singing about teenage pregnancy, the Sex Book to on-stage gun violence, Madonna for more than 3 decades has remained a polarising cultural icon who continues to push and push and push the boundaries of right and wrong. Whatever the controversy, no matter the reaction, what remains the constant is the fact that Madonna has never shied away from expressing herself. She is a true freedom fighter. 

Happy Birthday, Madonna. Here’s to many more years of pushing the boundaries! 

No risk, no glory.”

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